SKU: KT0008

The Rainbow River Stones can be stepped or jumped on. Inspired by hopping from rock to rock, these high quality balance toys offer fun activities with colorful components. Each stone has different slopes so children can practice coordination skills. The set includes 6 stacking stones to create different challenges for users with different needs. Dot, Line, and concentric circle patterns on the stones surface bring different tactile sensory. 

The Weplay stones have anti-slip surfaces and an anti slip bottom edge to offer stability and safety. Can be used individually or in combinations of two or three when stacking them together. You'll also receive a carrying case to keep them organized. Includes

  • 2 Small Stones 10.95"L x 10.75"W
  • 2 Medium Stones: 14"L x 13.8"W
  • 2 Large Stones: 15.8"L x 15.3"W

Ages: 3+