Thompson's friendly pet products give your home a pleasant aroma. They are made with an odor neutralizing ingredient and available in a variety of scents. Candles and wax crumbles available in each scent. Handcrafted in Huntingdon, PA.

Available Pet-Friendly Products:

Crumbles- 8oz

Standard Jar Candle- 8.5oz

Candle in Tin- 11.5oz 

Available Pet-Friendly Scents:

Fresh & Clean- a bright, crisp scent like linens dried in the sunshine

Vanilla Ice Cream- sweet vanilla and cream with a sugar cone

Apple Cinnamon- Macintosh apples and spicy cinnamon

Island Blossoms- passion flower, mango, and peaches

Lavender Breeze- luscious floral with powdery notes

Pine Forest- evergreen mixed with rich earthy undertones