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Six or Thirty-two ounces are packaged in an attractively labeled cellophane bag and tied with homespun. Artisan-crafted in the USA since 1997, Thompson's Candle Co. Crumbles are ideal for any warmer. Melting just one piece gives a room-filling scent. Thompson's Candle Co. uses premium quality ingredients for long lasting, true-to-life fragrance. Choose from a super-scented variety of exclusively packaged 6 or 32 oz bags by CTW Home Collection. Enjoy the convenience of scent without the flame. Made and packaged in the USA.

Scent Descriptions:

Applewood: Crisp, sweet apples mingle with the clean fresh essence of a walk in the woods.

Apple Dumpling: Fresh from the oven apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, in a golden brown pastry crust.

Apples and CinnamonJuicy red apples and spicy cinnamon.

Autumn LeavesThe crisp smell of freshly fallen leaves. DISCONTINUED; LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE


Balsam and Berries: Zingy holiday berries

Banana Nut Bread: Warm sweet banana nut bread just like mom makes.

Blueberry Muffin: Delicious blueberries in a moist muffin

Blueberry Pound Cake: Blueberries in a buttery, vanilla pound cake

Breakfast on the Farm: Buttery pancakes, blueberry, maple syrup, and bacon

Butter Rum


Caramel AppleJuicy red apple covered with warm caramel sauce.

Christmas Tree: Freshly cut pine

Cinnamon Bun: Buttery, spicy, freshly baked buns.

Country Clothesline: The clean, fresh scent of linens dried in the sun.

Creme Brulee: Vanilla custard with a caramelized sugar crust.





Fresh Air: Clean, Crisp and Refreshing

Fresh Oranges: Freshly peeled oranges.

Frosted Pine: Reminiscent of a freshly cut pine bough DISCONTINUED; LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE


Gingerbread: Ginger, brown sugar, and molasses

Glazed Lemon Cookies: Tangy lemon cookies with a sugary white glaze.

Grandma's Cookies: Warm from the oven sugar cookies


Harvest Spice: Pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Hazelnut: A mellow, nutty aroma.


Juicy Apple: A crisp, ripe McIntosh apple


Latte: Fresh brewed coffee with cream, caramel, and spices.

Lilac: True to life lilac blossoms


Maple and Butterscotch: maple and butterscotch

Mulberry: A sweet zesty berry

Mulled Cider: Apple cider, orange slices and mulling spices.


North Woods: A deep breath of mountain air and pine forest. DISCONTINUED; LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE


Pecan Tassies: Delicious, sweet nutty treat.

Pumpkin Pie: A spicy pumpkin pie.


Sage and Citrus--NEW 

Snickerdoodle: Sugar and spice cookies.

Strawberry Patch: Sun ripened strawberries in a lush field

Sugar N' Spice: Savory, spicy, almost cake-like.

Sunshine and Laughter: A fresh clean breeze on a sunny day.


Toffee Crunch: Caramel-vanilla confection, this toffee treat will make you hungry for more.


Vanilla Bean: A classic vanilla fragrance DISCONTINUED; LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE