Three Ways to Honor Your Southern Heritage

Lori White

For me, country and southern are two ways of life inextricably entwined. I had occasion to reflect upon this fact as I worked on a new “Southern” board for my Pinterest. I’ve just added a few products that are profoundly Southern in aesthetic, and I had to take a little time to pay homage to everything I love about this region and lifestyle of mine.

If you’re from the South, whether by birth or by marriage, there are no doubt a few phrases you’ve heard a time or two. Mama used to tell us (and now I tell my own kids) to “quit bein’ ugly.” “Y’all act like you got some sense.” And one of my personal favorites—“I brought you into this world, and I can surely take you out of it.”

Things move more slowly in the south, including our speech. We’re nearly always “fixinto” do this or that, sitting on the porch for a spell, and slow-cooking the heck out of something or other.

Here in the south, when you move in for a handshake you’ll get a hug instead. We’ll bless someone’s heart even as we ponder blessing them out, and say ma’am and sir while we do it. We hold doors, keep the faith, and wouldn’t dream of serving un-sweet tea.

If you’re Southern—by birthright, geography, kin, or wish-upon-a-star—then I have a few things that must grace your home, right alongside of those cotton stems, magnolia wreaths, quilts, and that strand of pearls that goes with everything. Here goes:

Park Hill Collection’s Map of the South Print. What better way to proclaim your ties to Dixie?

black framed textbook map of the south

Park Hill Collection’s Metal SOUTHERN Sign. This vintage metal sign is a lengthy, iconic addition to you walls, proudly claiming where your heart belongs.

metal southern sign in living room setting

Park Hill Collection’s Metal SWEET TEA Sign. Sweet tea is essential to all of us in the south. I heard a joke once that went something like, “A woman once requested a glass of sweet tea in a restaurant, and was asked if a glass of unsweet with some sugar packets would do. ‘Does Monopoly money work just as well as the real stuff?’” Yessss.

antique cream and black sweet tea sign

So if you’re thinking of ways you can honor your Southern pride, take a peek at these and get your orders in right away! Quantities are limited.