Tips and Tricks: Creating a Vignette

Tips and Tricks: Creating a Vignette

Lori White

Have you guys heard? Vignettes are IN—in a big way—and better still, they’re practically idiot-proof. If you’re looking for a simple way to give your space instant style, look no further. A pretty vignette is the solution.

[So, er…what is a vignette?] There are actually many different types of vignettes—photographic, architectural, printing, literature—but the definition that fits most closely is “a brief but powerful scene; one that leaves you wanting more.” A vignette in decorating is just that—a small scene created by grouping together interesting and somewhat similar items.

Confession: I’ve always been a little afraid to work with vignettes because I’ve never felt like I knew what I was doing. They create such a finished, intentional space, though, that I knew it was high time I climbed outside of my decorating box. Thanks to some great tips I found on Pinterest, I think I might just be able to do this.

So here goes.

Start with a theme. Theme is what defines the vignette and tells the story. Do you want to create a picture of Spring? Or maybe you want your vignette to scream, “Santa Claus is coming!” Part of the beauty of vignettes is that the stories you might tell are limitless.

Choose an anchor. This might be a large-ish mirror, an old window, a rustic sign, a tray, or a low-profile basket. This serves as a way of grounding your vignette and giving it a focal point.

Here are a few examples:

Oversized Round Portal Mirror

white wire tray


Brimfield Wire Tray

willow trays

Set of Two Willow Trays

wooden trays

Old Wooden Tray


Decide on your color scheme. Rather than choosing several well-loved items that have all the colors of the rainbow, stick to a limited color palette. This will pull everything together in a cohesive way, as it provides a common thread that unites the elements.

Select the items you’ll be using for your grouping. As you make your selections, think about making sure that each of the following are included:

*A stack of pretty, vintage, or antique books, or a riser. This one's 5x5 inches square and raises objects just over a couple of inches. These are perfect for elevating smaller items or items in the back of your vignette.

wooden riser
 Small Wooden Riser

*Something natural. This could be a succulent or two, a few hydrangeas, a clutch of twigs or cotton buds. These will soften any harsh lines in your vignette. The greenery in these cute little tin pots is a perfect example:

small tin pots

Set of Three Tin Pots

*A candle, or an interesting vase, bowl or cloche. I’m personally a little in love with these options:

white ceramic vase mini

Small Ceramic Vase

metal wire bowl

Metal Wire Bowl

wire cloche

Chicken Wire Cloche


*Vary the size and texture. Shop your home and the back yard for a smooth object, a rough object, something tall and something short and squatty.

Arrange your items, beginning with the anchor piece. Try these tips for visual interest:

*Layer, starting with placing heavier, larger items in the back and moving forward with shorter, more delicate items. This will give your vignette the height and depth differential it needs.

*Cluster items, rather than lining them up like a row of townhouses.

Take a step back. Look at your vignette and edit. Does it seem cluttered? Are the colors you chose complementary? Does this need to shift to the left just a tad? Don’t be afraid to move things around and tweak until it’s exactly as you want it.

And that, my friends, is it! Happy vignetting…if you create one, please shoot me a photo on Instagram. I’d love to see your efforts!

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